Albatross Pose

Kiley likes to think of this yoga pose as a bird about to take flight, or in exercise terms, a hip hinge. The albatross is good prep for the Warrior poses and other standing poses that involve balanced legs because it encourages even distribution of weight. “Albatross awakens and fortifies the musculature of your back, legs and shoulders to train your body to regain its open, upright potential,” Kiley says.

How to: Stand with your feet in a wide straddle and feet parallel (a). Spread your arms wide into a big “T” with your palms facing forward (b). Unlock your knees, engage your glutes and core, and actively pull your legs towards your midline as you hinge forward at the hips. Keep your head level so your neck is a smooth continuation of your spine (c). Stretch your arms wide to the sides like a bird (d).



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